"Before you can transform your wallet from poor to rich, you've got to transform your spirit from poor to rich.”

-Robert T. Kiyosaki

Financial Consciousness


The work being done here is designed to inspire and empower people to create healing in their relationship with money and live an abundant, financially free life —from the inside-out.

This holistic approach to financial freedom will bring alignment of your mind, body and spirit as you begin to let go and release limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, and create breakthroughs in your relationship with money and how you view money.

Learning concepts about money is important and you will learn this here. However, without healing the internal dialogue, the concepts are simply just concepts. This allows old patterns to be repeated over and over again. Together, we will move away from the lack conversation and move into abundance!

Thank you for choosing to be here. There is a reason you are here. Know in your heart that it is exactly where you are supposed to be. I am honored to be on this healing journey alongside you, and I invite you to be open to the possibilities that will unfold by being a part of this community.

In Gratitude,


Beth is a financial educator, coach and author. She brings a feminine, holistic approach to the, sometimes, masculine financial environment. She is a financial professional, and has studied holistic energy healing to further support her clients in deepening their healing in their relationship with money.

By creating a space of financial wellness and wholeness, she supports people in creating breakthroughs in their relationship with Self & money by releasing limiting beliefs that are in the way from creating abundance and prosperity. Making financial education and planning for the future empowering and exciting, creating positive, tangible results through wealthy and healthy money habits, to begin living a financially conscious life.

Beth couples her business interests with her passion for philanthropy, and has coached hundreds of students participating in leadership trainings, and raised thousands of dollars for charitable organizations. She has traveled to India to volunteer at the Mother Teresa House, and serves at an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.

Her book ‘Make Money Your Partner’ -Your 30-Day Guide To Financial Wellness & Healing, is a working journal style of book, giving a holistic approach to financial freedom. She leads workshops based on the teachings of the book, giving students the opportunity to dive deeper into creating financial freedom and peace of mind.


Financial Education

  • Topics such as, eliminating debt, reducing taxes, investments, savings, college planning, retirement planning, estate preservation, cash flow, emergency fund, money management, wealth creation, budgeting.

Financial Freedom

  • Personal financial planning, money management, product placement.

Financial Healing

  • Financial healing begins from the inside. With financial healing, we are clearing any energy blocks in the way from creating abundance and prosperity.

Financial Wellness

  • Journey includes financial education, financial planning, identifying limiting beliefs about money, creating breakthroughs & healing around those beliefs, shifting your relationship with money, goal setting, create healthy money habits.

Create financial consciousness by gaining clarity on your financial future.


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Make Money Your Partner 2-Hour Workshop

This workshop is designed to support you in creating a healthy relationship with money.

You will have an opportunity to explore your current relationship with money, and identify limiting beliefs and obstacles that are holding you back from financial freedom and abundance. 

Who doesn’t want that? 

The best part is, you’ll gain a healthier perspective around creating financial abundance, and the wisdom to help you get there.

This workshop is based on my new book “Make Money Your Partner”!

This book is unique in that it explores your relationship with money. 

Yes, you have a relationship with money! 

And the truth is…. your current financial reality is a direct correlation of your thoughts and beliefs about money.

Are you ready to transform? 

Here’s a hint: If you are not currently happy with your financial status, there is internal work to do.

This workshop will be rich with powerful insight, tools and resources to guide you towards financial freedom.


18271 W McDurmott, Suite H

Irvine, CA 92614


Investment: $30.00

[Includes Copy of The Book “Make Money Your Partner”]


Financial Consciousness & Wellness Event

Join us in the space of empowerment, education and support as we discuss impactful topics on:

• Planning For The Future

• Reducing Taxes

• Emergency Funds

• Budgeting

• Debt Elimination

• Retirement Accounts / 401k's

• Beliefs About Money

• Healthy Money Habits

This will be a fun and interactive environment. Utilize this time and space to gain clarity on your vision & goals, and learn practices from Beth's newly published financial journal 'Make Money Your Partner'.

Meditation Circle Event

Join us in the space to relieve stress, and restore balance, harmony and align your well-being. In finding that quiet space within, all things are possible.

Create financial consciousness by gaining clarity.




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