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Your 30-Day Guide To Financial Wellness & Healing

The work being done here is specifically designed to inspire and empower you to create healing in your relationship with money and to begin living an abundant life of financial freedom, by working from the inside-out.This holistic approach to financial freedom will allow you to begin letting go of limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself and money which no longer serve you, and as a result you will start to experience the alignment of your mind, body, and spirit as you create breakthroughs in your relationship with money. While it is very important that we are educated and empowered in our financial lives so that we can make clear and confident choices, without first healing our internal dialogue, any concepts we learn about how to handle our finances are just concepts. We need to learn about ourselves and how we can best utilize these concepts, so that we don't allow old patterns to return again and again. Together we will engage in meaningful and transformative conversation so we can move into abundance!