Financial Education

  • Topics such as, eliminating debt, reducing taxes, investments, savings, college planning, retirement planning, estate preservation, cash flow, emergency fund, money management, wealth creation, budgeting.

Financial Freedom

  • Personal financial planning, money management, product placement.

Financial Wellness

  • Coaching Journey: Journey includes financial education, financial planning, identifying limiting beliefs about money, creating breakthroughs & healing around those beliefs, shifting your relationship with money, goal setting, create healthy money habits, weekly 60-minute 1-on-1 accountability video calls. 


4-Week Financial Breakthrough Journey

In this 4-week financial breakthrough journey we will identify any limiting beliefs in your way from creating abundance and prosperity in your life. Learn financial concepts, new practices and healthy habits to empower and inspire you in your new relationship with money.

We will evaluate your current financial picture and where you want to be in the future, and create your personalized financial plan to get you there.

Week 1: Identify limiting beliefs

Week 2: Financial education, new practices and healthy habits

Week 3: Financial analysis and connecting with your finances

Week 4: Personalized financial plan and action step recommendations



90-Day Financial Wellness Journey

This 90-Day Financial Wellness Journey encompasses all that is created in the 4-Week Financial Breakthrough Journey, shifting your relationship with money, in addition to:

  • Goal setting

  • Weekly 60-minute 1-on-1 accountability video calls

create lasting results in your relationship with money.


Divorce and Your Finances

Increase your financial abundance and up-level your life during all three (3) stages of divorce:

  1. Thinking about it

  2. Going through it

  3. Putting is behind you

Whichever stage of divorce you are currently in, there are many feelings, emotions and thoughts on how you view yourself, your future and your finances when experiencing divorce. Be empowered and inspired, while creating healing and gaining clarity and confidence in yourself and your relationship with money.

Which stage of divorce are you in?