“Make Money Your Partner” 2-Hour Workshop

This workshop is designed to support you in creating a healthy relationship with money.

You will have an opportunity to explore your current relationship with money, and identify limiting beliefs and obstacles that are holding you back from financial freedom and abundance. 

Who doesn’t want that? 

The best part is, you’ll gain a healthier perspective around creating financial abundance, and the wisdom to help you get there.

This workshop is based on my new book “Make Money Your Partner”!

This book is unique in that it explores your relationship with money. 

Yes, you have a relationship with money! 

And the truth is…. your current financial reality is a direct correlation of your thoughts and beliefs about money.

Are you ready to transform? 

Here’s a hint: If you are not currently happy with your financial status, there is internal work to do.

This workshop will be rich with powerful insight, tools and resources to guide you towards financial freedom.


18271 W McDurmott, Suite H

Irvine, CA 92614


Investment: $30.00


Financial Consciousness & Wellness Event

  • Join us for our financial consciousness & wellness event of empowerment, education and support as we discuss impactful topics on:

    • Planning For The Future

    • Reducing Taxes

    • Emergency Funds

    • Budgeting

    • Debt Elimination

    • Retirement Accounts / 401k's

    • Beliefs About Money

    • Healthy Money Habits

    This will be a fun and interactive environment. Utilize this time and space to gain clarity on your vision & goals, and learn practices from Beth's newly published financial journal 'Make Money Your Partner'.

Meditation Circle Event

  • Join us for our meditation circle event to relieve stress, and restore balance, harmony and align your well-being. In finding that quiet space within, all things are possible.

*Events are intentionally set to be donation based events. When you choose to Give, the universe conspires to Give to you. In Giving, you are in a state of abundance. In Receiving, you are in a state of flow. Feel free to donate any amount of your choosing.

Create financial consciousness by gaining clarity.